Are Eternity Bands Durable?

Are Eternity Bands Durable? Exploring the Longevity of This Timeless Symbol of Love

Eternity bands, with their endless circle of sparkling gemstones, have become a popular choice for engagement rings, wedding bands, and anniversary rings. They symbolize eternal love and commitment, making them a meaningful and romantic choice. But, with their intricate design and continuous row of gemstones, many people wonder about their durability. Are eternity bands truly built to last? In this blog, we will explore the factors that determine the durability of eternity bands and offer tips on how to care for them to ensure they stand the test of time.

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Understanding Eternity Bands

Eternity bands, also known as infinity rings, are characterized by a continuous line of precious gemstones or diamonds that encircle the entire band. This design makes them a symbol of everlasting love, as there is no beginning or end to the stones. The circular arrangement of gemstones creates a dazzling and uniform sparkle, adding to their allure.

Factors Affecting the Durability of Eternity Bands

  1. Setting Type: The setting style of an eternity band plays a significant role in its durability. Common settings for eternity bands include prong, channel, and bezel settings. Prong settings expose more of the gemstones. Channel settings are where the gemstones are set flush into the band. Bezel settings encase each stone in a metal frame.

  2. Metal Choice: The choice of metal for the band also impacts durability. 18K gold is known for it's strength and resistance to tarnish or corrosion. 18K are excellent choices for eternity bands as they can withstand daily wear and tear.

  3. Gemstone Quality: The quality of the gemstones used in an eternity band is crucial. High-quality diamonds or gemstones are less likely to chip, crack, or become discolored over time. It's important to ensure that the stones are securely set and well-matched in terms of color and clarity.

  4. Lifestyle and Maintenance: Your lifestyle and how you care for your eternity band also affect its durability. If you lead an active lifestyle or engage in activities that involve heavy impact or contact with abrasive surfaces, consider removing your eternity band to prevent damage. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and checking for loose stones, can prolong the lifespan of the ring.

Tips for Maintaining the Durability of Your Eternity Band

  1. Regular Cleaning: Clean your eternity band regularly to remove dirt, oils, and grime that can dull the gemstones' brilliance. You can do this at home using a gentle jewelry cleaning solution or take it to a professional jeweler for a deep clean. Read more on jewellery cleaning here.

  2. Prong Inspection: If your eternity band features prong settings, have a jeweler inspect the prongs regularly to ensure they are secure. Loose prongs can lead to lost gemstones.

  3. Avoid Impact: Take off your eternity band when engaging in activities that may subject it to high impact, such as sports or heavy lifting.

  4. Store Safely: When not wearing your eternity band, store it in a soft, padded jewelry box or pouch to prevent scratches and damage.

  5. Consider Insurance: Some jewelers offer insurance plans for your ring. These can be a good investment to ensure its long-term durability. Read more about jewellery insurance here.


Eternity bands are a beautiful symbol of enduring love, and while they are designed to withstand the test of time, their durability depends on various factors, including the setting type, metal choice, and how well they are cared for. With proper maintenance and care, your eternity band can remain as brilliant and meaningful as the day you first received it, symbolizing your everlasting love and commitment. So, are eternity bands durable? With the right choices and care, the answer is a resounding "yes." 


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