How Much Does A Custom Made Engagement Ring Cost?

Are you looking for a custom made engagement ring? There is a common misconception that custom made engagement rings are a lot more expensive than choosing a ready-made ring from your jeweller. Well, we're here to let you know that's definitely not the case.

So, you may ask - how much does a custom made engagement ring cost? Well, the answer to the question of how much a custom made engagement ring costs is ‘it depends’. This might be a huge let down for those of you who wanted a straightforward answer but don’t click away just yet. In this article we’ll share some factors which affect the cost of a custom made engagement ring. 

For starters, a custom made engagement ring is something that is designed and handcrafted just for you. It is not something that is mass produced, something that has been pre-made or something off the shelf. Most individuals choose to go down the custom made path to design something unique to reflect the style and personality of their partner. 

The cost of your custom made engagement ring will come down to four main factors. We've summarised these for you below:

1. The centre stone:

This is usually the biggest factor contributing to cost. Whether it be a Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, Yellow Diamond, Emerald or whatever gemstone you choose as the centre - this will contribute to a large part of the costs. This is especially true in simpler styles such as the Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring, as the centre draws all the attention with nothing to distract! While with the Classic Halo Engagement Ring, you can choose a smaller centre stone but still have it appear larger with the help of diamonds encircling the centre. When looking for diamonds, the price is heavily dependent on its characteristics, commonly known as the 4C's. Different shapes of diamonds will also have a different cost. Round brilliant diamonds are one of the most expensive, whilst other fancy shapes are generally can cost as much as 30% less!

It is important to understand when picking a diamond, biggest isn't always the best. There are so many other factors that may contribute the price. You can contact our expert jewellers to guide you through the process of navigating through different diamonds.

solitaire engagement ring

Classic solitaire engagement ring

oval engagement ring

Oval Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


2. Accent diamonds/stones on the ring band

Once you get the main stone sorted, the next step even more fun! Designing your dream ring. Have you seen images of the ring your fiancé likes? Does she have a Pinterest Board filled with her dream engagement rings? Is there a special family piece that you would like to recreate? Whatever it may be - when you go down the custom made ring route - it can be done! When considering the design, any additional gemstones/diamonds you would like on the wedding band will also contribute to the total cost of the ring. Generally, the more and the larger the diamonds, the more it will cost you. For example, in our Classic 3 Stone Engagement Ring, the two side stones are fairly large to complement the centre diamond. On the other hand, in our Tapered Diamond Band Engagement Ring the diamonds on the band are much smaller in comparison. There are numerous designs to choose from, and whilst the accent diamonds and gemstones add to the cost - again, the more is not always merrier in this case! Speak to your jeweller around the quality of the side stones that they will be using, and ensure that it complements the centre stone well. For example, when using a lower colour centre diamond, you don't want to be using white diamonds on the side as this will make the centre diamond appear yellow - instead, using similar coloured diamonds will complement the centre stone well and bring out its true brilliance! Our expert jewellers can guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

three stone engagement ring

Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

diamond engagement ring

Tapered Diamond Band Engagement Ring


3. The metal

We get so many questions about metal! Should I pick Platinum or Gold? What is the different? 18k or 9k gold? White, Yellow or Rose Gold? Let's address all those questions one at a time! When picking a metal, platinum is generally the more expensive option as it more dense than gold. When picking out gold, the higher the karat (‘K’) means a higher percentage of gold and lower percentage of other metals. We don't recommend using 24k gold for engagement rings. 24K gold is pure gold, which means they are a very soft metal that tends to bend and scratch very easily! Generally speaking, Platinum and 18k gold are both excellent choice for engagement rings, and the price will depend on the weight of Platinum / Gold - this means, the heavier and thicker the ring is, the more expensive it will be!


A stack of rings showing the difference between 9k gold, 18k gold and 24k gold. Stack also shows the various gold rings in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold

4. The ring design

The last factor affecting price is the engagement ring design. Rings with greater intricacy, sculptural elements and more diamonds to set will cost you more, and there is a good reason for this, as your jeweller may spend days handcrafting the your ring with the finest and most intricate details. For example, our Antique Engagement Ring showcases some of the finest craftsmanship with delicate lines of gold featuring round brilliant cut diamonds. Each jeweller will charge a different price for their workmanship. At Just Gold Jewellery, our jewellers have been handcrafting custom made fine jewellery pieces since 1975. All pieces are custom made by our own jewellers, and that's why we can bring you wholesale direct prices.

antique engagement ring

Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

six prong diamond engagement ring with diamond pave setting


Finding the dream ring doesn't need to be difficult, and custom made rings don't need to be expensive. Let our expert jewellers can guide you through the entire process from picking your perfect centre stone, be it a diamond, fancy-shaped diamond, or other gemstone; to designing the perfect ring and choosing a metal that suits your everyday needs. Contact us for a complimentary engagement ring consultation today, we would be delighted to assist you in every way we can.

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