Things To Say When You Propose...

What to say when proposing 

Jewellery box with ring in it and rose petals surrounding the words 'will you marry me?'

What does one say when they propose to their significant other? We all envisage pouring our heart out and letting our partner know why they’re the one and how much we love them like a seasoned pro. In that very moment you might stutter and stumble (or not) but everything will be ok as long as you remain genuine and remember to ask ‘will you marry me?’. I understand that some of you can wing it and that's totally ok. For those who want to be a little prepared and in need of a little guidance here’s a few tips on how to ask the big question.

How I knew you were the one

Your partner would really love to hear the moment you knew (or started to know) that they were the one. This could be one event/moment that sealed the deal for you. Maybe it was when they helped you through a tough point in life. Maybe you started to know they were the one through a series of events. This could be something simple and trivial but meaningful like always having a knack of reading your mind and delivering KFC when you are most craving it. This is all about you and your partner so as long as you are able to share that special story of your relationship and talk about how you feel you’re in good shape. Oh and don’t forget to ask the question at the end.

What I love about you

There’s a thousand things that you love about your partner. That’s part of the reason why you’re looking to propose right? Your partner would no doubt love to hear each and every one thing you love about them and all the positive traits you see in them. Tell your partner all the little and big reasons you love them. Shoot away at how you love the way they laugh at your silly jokes or how much they care about your wellbeing. Let them know how much you want to spend the rest of your life with them and pop the question. 

Keep it simple

Some of us just aren’t that vocal and there's nothing wrong with that. Some of us are just more of an actions sort of person. There’s nothing wrong with keeping it short and sweet such as saying ‘you make me the happiest person alive, will you marry me?’.

Convey it without say it

There’s ways of asking the question without actually having to say it. You could do this by writing a letter/card or even making a scrapbook of memories or photobook. Get creative and think of something personal which you can create to get your question across.

In thinking about how you will approach the ‘will you marry me’ question draw inspiration from how you felt when you first met them. Think about the important memories you share together. Look back at how they have made you and your life so much better. Talk about the goals and values that you both share and how you see a shared future together.

Just remember:

  • a little planning in what you want to say will go a long way and make sure you get your message across clearly 
  • Although it might be awkward practice saying what you want to say out loud and/or in front of a mirror (it helps!)
  • Be confident
  • Don't rush the speech
  • Be yourself, you got this! 

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