What Shapes Do Diamonds Come In?

Diamonds come in a variety of shapes. These shapes can be categorised into two main groups, these being, round diamonds and fancy shape diamonds. When choosing your engagement ring or diamond ring one of the most important considerations is the centre diamond shape.

We explain each of the diamond shapes below:

Round brilliant cut diamond

This is the most traditional and popular diamond shape. The round brilliant cut diamond is cut to produce 58 facets that optimise brilliance and sparkle. 

Check out this round brilliant cut diamond set in our six prong pave setting engagement ring.

Princess cut diamond

The princess cut diamond is square in shape. First created in 1980, the princess cut diamond is a popular choice due to its light catching facets which create a stunning sparkle.

Check out this princess cut diamond set in our channel setting engagement ring.

Emerald cut diamond

Emerald cut diamonds have become very popular due to its clean linear appearance. The step cut facets of a emerald cut diamond create a mesmerising display of light.

Check out this emerald cut diamond set in our three stone setting engagement ring.

Cushion cut diamond

The cushion cut diamond combines the square cut of a princess cut diamond with rounded corners. Also known as the 'pillow cut' diamond the cushion cut diamond is a timeless choice for your engagement ring or diamond ring.

Check out this cushion cut diamond set in our halo setting engagement ring.

Oval diamond

The oval shape is an elegant shape. This diamond shape has risen in popularity due to its shimmering facets and ability to create the illusion of longer fingers.

Check out this oval diamond set in our solitaire setting engagement ring.

Pear shape diamonds

The pear shape diamond is also known as the pear cut diamond. The pear shape diamond, like the oval diamond, has an elongated shape that makes the finger appear slimmer and longer.

Marquise diamond

The marquise diamond, like the oval diamond and the pear shape diamond, also has an elongated shape. The marquise diamond has pointed ends on both sides and is sometimes referred to as a navette (which is French for little boat).

Heart shaped diamond

Heart shaped diamonds are a classic symbol of love. The heart shaped diamond is an excellent choice for the classic romantic.

Here is a quick video we created on different diamond shapes.

different diamond shapes on hand - round brilliant cut diamond, emerald diamond, pear shape diamond, cushion cut diamond and princess cut diamond


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