Are All Diamonds Certified?

Here at Just Gold Jewellery a question we always get is "do all diamonds come with a certificate?".

The short answer to whether all diamonds come with a ceritifcate is no. The reason for this is due to a two main factors. The first one is cost and the second being time.

When you're about to spend thousands or tens of thousands on a diamond most people will opt to have their diamond graded by an independent third party. This certification process involves sending your diamond to a laboratory where a qualified gemologist will study your diamond for hours or even up to weeks on end to give you a final report. This process makes sense for a more expensive diamond as the cost in obtaining a certificate represents only a small percentage of the cost of the diamond.

For smaller diamonds such as those on our Tourmaline Circles Ring pictured below, getting a certificate for each diamond will become a lot less cost effective. Some bands have 10 or even hundreds of diamonds and getting a certificate for each diamond would end up costing you a fortune in itself.

Tourmaline Circles Ring

While smaller diamonds can be certified, in many circumstances it does not make sense to do so given the lengthy and expensive process of producing an independent certificate for each diamond.

As not all diamonds are certified it is important that you go to a trusted jeweller who will provide you with good quality diamonds every single time. Although smaller diamonds such as those on eternity bands are not certified they are still graded and getting good quality smaller diamonds ensure the overall look and quality of your finale jewellery piece.

Here is a quick video we created to explain the carat characteristic of a diamond.

Should You Buy A Certified Diamond?


Hope you guys enjoyed this blog and video and that it helps some of you out there that are looking for diamonds, diamond rings or engagement rings. Please feel free give us a call or send us a message if you have any questions.

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